Alpakoda pazham / plum / aloo bukhara

Alpakoda pazham / plum / aloo bukhara

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Thippili / pippali / Indian long pepper 

Pippali is an ultimate remedy for all sorts of Kapha aggravating disorders like asthma, bronchitis, COPD, cough and cold symptoms. It provides relief from cough and congestion and also helps in removing phlegm deposits from the respiratory tract.

What is the use of thippili?

Thippili or Pippali has several health benefits, used to cure diseases and increases immunity. Pippali means “drink and digest” and is used as a spice in Indian cooking. It is known for its various capabilities like curing cough, cold, digestion problems, removing toxins, digestive issues and many more.

Can we eat thippili?


Indian long pepper is beneficial for diabetics because it can regulate the rate at which glucose is released in the blood. Insulin production is also boosted by pippali herb. Hence, regular consumption of thippili is beneficial for all diabetics. Bacterial infections are aplenty, especially in this warm season.

Is thippili good for health?


It is a good remedy for cholera and epilepsy. Long pepper can be used to speed up the recovery from a cough or cold and also reduces fever. It helps with indigestion and is a good remedy for diarrhea. It can also help people with bronchitis and asthma.

Is thippili good for cough?

Pippali is an effective home remedy in managing cough and cold. Swallowing Pippali powder along with honey after lunch and dinner helps release mucus from the air passages due to its expectorant property, thus allowing the patient to breathe easily.

How do you take long peppers?

Fine powder of Indian long pepper  is taken in the dose of 3-4 gram along with warm water. Long pepper for obesity – Pippali is administered along with honey to treat obesity, Kapha imbalance disorders like cold, cough, asthma, fever.

Benefits of Long Pepper :- 

1. Liver Ailments 

2. Weight Loss 

3. Diabetes 

4. Bacterial Infections 

5. Cough 

6. Indigestion 

7. Fever 

8. Toothache 

9. Diarrhea 

10. Asthma 

To know more about the benefits of  Thippili in tamil watch this video 

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Apart from the above mentioned uses there are many other uses and benefits of Thippili or Long pepper which can be felt while using. 

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