Avuri leaf powder 100g
Avuri leaf powder 100g
Avuri leaf powder 100g
Avuri leaf powder

Avuri leaf powder 100g

Avuri is an organic hair dye powder made from avuri / Indigo plant. It can consumed as per directions to cure stomach related problems.
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Avuri leaf Powder is known as an Organic hair color (natural dye) or herbal hair dye . Hair Avuri Leaf is one of the Organic hair products . Also Avuri Plant has wonderful medicinal uses and it has many medicinal Purpose. The leaves produce dark blue dye and when applied as a hair dye and gives dark black color. 

                                                             Avuri leaf powder 100g

 Avuri leaf powder use :-

  1. Indigo powder prevents from scalp infections and stimulates new hair growth when used regularly.
  2. To stimulate hair growth, massage the oil gently in the scalp everyday regularly.

 How do you use Avuri powder?
  1. Mix required quantity of Indigo / Avuri leaf powder with water.
  2. Apply it directly on the hair immediately.
  3.  Also Avuri powder should not be soaked overnight in water like henna powder.
  4. Apply it using hair brush equally.

Regular use of indigo leaf powder can eventually help treat baldness and restore hair volume. Applying organic indigo powder helps eliminate excess grease and grime out of the scalp. Additionally, Indigo powder prevents the scalp from being too oily, too dry, or scaly, which usually contributes to dandruff formation.

Also to know more about Avuri powder in tamil watch this video 

we can also use Maruthani or henna powder  to get best results 

Avuri leaf powder additionally benefits the following :-

  1.  Gives Glowing Skin
  2.  Treats Sores, Ringworm, Blisters
  3.  For Hair rejuvenation
  4.  For removing Worms in Teeth and Gums
  5. For Sores on skin
  6.  For Liver
  7.  For Urinary 
  8.  For Black Hair and Hair fall Problems and poison
  9.  Treats Dog bite
  10. For Insects in Ear

Another technique to dye your hair using our Organic hair care product - Avuri powder

Watch this video to maintain your hair dark always

அவுரி நம் கூந்தலுக்கு கிடைத்த வரப்பிரசாதம் Auri is a gift to our hair

Apart from the above all mentioned uses there are many other uses and benefits of avuri leaf powder which can be felt while using. 

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