Flower stand for kuthu vilakku
Flower stand for kuthu vilakku
Flower stand for kuthu vilakku

Flower stand for kuthu vilakku

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Flower stand for kuthu vilakku

This flower stand is used to hold flowers in a kuthu vilakku. We can also use for giftings.

Kuthu Vilakku

Kuthuvilakku is one of the main traditional lamps of India. Considered by Hindus as one of the auspicious symbols, this type of lamp finds its place in religious rituals and public ceremonies.

The structure of the lantern consists of a stem bearing the head of the lantern, with decorations fixed in position on a circular base. The head is also circular in shape. In the central part of this circular shape, a top like a kalasam is fixed. 

This casket shape is hollow around the area where it fits into the round head area. This is the oil holder of this lamp. It has five protuberances arranged at equal intervals from its circular rim. These are the places where the wicks are placed to light the flame of the lamp. 

A variety of decorative patterns and figures are sometimes attached to the urn-like structure mentioned earlier. Generally large lamps, figures like swans, peacocks and in some lamps, deities can be seen in this place.

The Philosophy of Kuthu vilakku

Kuttu vilakku is divine. It is said that divine aspect is matched. Hindus and Tamils take it as a symbol of auspiciousness. It is said that the base is the Brahma aspect, the long middle is the Maha Vishnu aspect, and the upper part is the Shiva aspect. Ghee poured into the lamp – Natham, Tri – Bindu, Flame – Daughter of Waves, Flame – Daughter of Art, Fire – Daughter of the Mountain. Kuthu lamp is the combination of all these things. It is customary to decorate this lamp by applying turmeric well, using kumkum, and coating it.

Apart from the above mentioned uses there are many other uses and benefits of Flower stand for kuthu vilakku which can be felt while using. 

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