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Gopi chandan

Benefit of Wearing General Tilaka, and special Dvarka 

Gopi chandan First we will give some quotes from one of our notebooks,Tilaka on the body acts to purify the body and indicates that our body is surrender to Krishna. The particular places on the body where tilaka is apply are sensitive points (energy sensors) on the body which easily absorb the spiritual energy generated by reciting the transcendental names (Sri Visnu, Sri Visnave, Sri Govinda etc.) and mentally placing or installing the Lord in those positions by applying the tilaka symbol. Essentially the applying of tilaka installs the Lord on twelve parts of the body, or creates Krishna’s twelve temples on the body.

1. Padma Purana Glories of Wearing Tilaka

1. If one is not wearing tilaka he will not get any result from the performance of chanting, austerities, study, Gayatri, yajna, or any other spiritual activity.
2. Auspicious Darsana — if someone sees the tilaka on a devotee’s face, he will become freed of all sins.
3. Death if wearing tilaka at time of death, one will go to Vaikuntha.
4. Krishna is resides with wearer of tilaka.
5. Tilaka on body means the body has become a sanctified temple of the Lord.
6. Tilaka mark, Brahma resides on left, Siva on right, and Visnu (Krishna in center)

2. Padma Purana Specific Glories of Gopi chandan

1. Gopi chandan is so pure that a sinful person becomes pure just by its touch.
2. If you perform various Vedic rites (samskaras, yajnas etc.) without proper mantras, you will still get permanent benefits from those acts provid you are wearing gopi-chand tilaka.

3.Therefore, we feel somehow close to you, as you do toward us, we wish to share with you the bhava we feel in our heart while applying tilaka from gopi-chand. Acts in Krishna consciousness that are back with the proper bhavas will quickly bring the result of suddha-bhakti and prema. Mechanical movements, though beneficial, do not attach our heart to Krishna, nor attach Krishna's heart to ours.

3. Glories to Gopi chand Tilaka

However, The upward U of tilaka placed on the forehead represents the lotus foot of our paramaradhya ista deva, Sri Krishna. The solid part on the nose should be shaped like a tulasi leaf because that part of the tilaka represents a tulasi leaf on the foot of Krishna. Similarly, That solid part also represents "The Mark of the Soul." The idea is that just as tulasi is always found on lotus feet of Krishna, so the devotee's heart mind and life are always supposed to be found and fixed on Krishna's lotus feet.

In addition, The Vaisnava practice of adorning the body with tilaka is glorified throughout the Puranas, itihasas, and Pancartrika literatures. Above all, What follows is a collection of random quotes from Puranas contained in our notebook concerning tilaka.

4. Glories to Tilaka

Wearing tilaka purifies the physical and subtle mental body. Twelve points of tilaka applications are nerve sensitive areas, energy sensors on the body, which easily absorb the spiritual energy generated from chanting the names of Visnu, (om govindaya namah, etc.), and by mentally placing or installing the Supreme Lord on those body parts. Body turns into twelve temples of Visnu! After that, It is the mark of a Vaisnava, devotee of Lord Visnu, and it indicates surrender to Krishna.

What Padma P say?

Padma P says without first wearing tilaka one will get no result from performing austerity, yajna, chanting mantras, studying sastras or murmuring gayatri, or any other spiritual activity. Good for preaching because anyone who sees tilaka on another's face becomes freed of all sins. Wearing at the time of death, one goes to Vaikuntha. Wearing it pleases the Lord. He lives with us and the material body becomes a sancitied temple of Krishna. In conclusion, Tilaka sanctifies and dedicates the body to Krishna’s service. Brahma lives on left side line, Siva on right and visnu in open center area. In the absence of tilaka, one may use earth from holy place or dirt from base of any tulasi, which is taken to be raja-raja, the dust of Brindavana.

Specific glories of Gopi chandan

In conclusion, GC is so pure that a sinful person becomes pure just by touching it. If one is wearing GC when doing yajnas, homas and other Vedic rites, even if done without proper mantra chanting or ritual observance, In conclusion, one will still get permanent benefit of those acts.

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