Karungali / ebony wood bracelet
Karungali / ebony wood bracelet
Karungali / ebony wood bracelet
Karungali / ebony wood bracelet

Karungali / ebony wood bracelet

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Karungali / ebonywood bracelet


The person who wears Karungali beads bracelet gets healthy and also wealthy life. It gives relaxation to our mind and then body. It helps reach great heights and also succeed in all the endeavors. The Karungali bracelet helps you relieve from depression and anxiety relief and also relaxes your nerves.


Karungali bracelet benefits :-

The Karungali bracelet helps you relieve from depression and anxiety relief and relaxes your nerves. Karungali bracelet gives the wearer a lot of health benefits , removes skin and nerves problems. It gives strength to bones and prevents from many health issues.

Is Ebony a hardwood?

Ebony Wood is a black, hard wood. It is part of the evergreen tree family. However, there are other tree species from which Ebony wood comes from such as Ceylon Ebony found in Sri Lanka and Southern India.

What is the spiritual meaning of ebony?

Symbolism & Spiritual and Medicinal purposes

Ebony is a symbol of power, purity, balance, protection and also luck for Pagans. They believe this wood amplifies magnetic energy and then it's revered as the most powerful and protective of wood types. Ebony is a symbol of protection and power, likely due to its dark colour.

What is Karungali Kattai used for?

Using Karungali Stick will bring success, career growth, avoidance of cash shortages . It helps peace of mind, removal of long-standing barriers to victory, elimination of depression, laziness, anxiety and mental fear, Karungali wood belongs to the Angara Gragha (Mars).

Benefits of wearing Karungali / ebonywood bracelet :-

1. To get rid from evil eye. 

 2. To get success for every action

3. To gain blessings from our family Deity

4. To gain blessings from our desired God or Goddesses.

5. To overcome  financial difficulties and also Struggles.

To know more about the benefits of karungali bracelet in tamil watch this video

We can also use karungali malai along with this to make this more effective


Apart from the above mentioned uses there are many other uses and benefits of Karungali / ebonywood bracelet which can be felt while using. 

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