Mahishashi sambrani

Mahishashi sambrani

100 Grams

Note - This sambrani is to remove evil eye from home and give positivity only. Does not have a typical smabrani smell. The smoke from mahishahi sambrani is said to purify the air and remove evil eye.
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Mahishashi sambrani

The incense known as “Mahishashi sambrani” is named after the defeated asura king “Mahishasura” by the Hindu goddess Durga. The term “sambrani” is derived from the Sanskrit word “sambara,” which means “bringing together.”

What is mahishashi sambrani?

Mahishashi Sambrani or Mahishasura Sambrani, traditionally known as Mahishasura Mardini Sambrani. This is an Indian incense from a blend of natural ingredients including resin, herbs, and essential oils.

How it is made?

Make Mahishashi sambrani, an Indian incense from the resin of the Boswellia serrata tree also known as the Indian frankincense tree. Gather the resin from the tree by making small cuts in the bark, and allow the sap to ooze out and harden into chunks.

Grind these chunks into a powder and mix with other ingredients, such as herbs and essential oils, to create the final product.

Additional Benefits of Mahishashi Sambrani

The resin present in the sambrani has medicinal properties.

Ayurveda, the traditional Indian system of medicine, claims that Mahishashi sambrani offers many benefits such as reducing stress, anxiety and depression.

It also believed to possess antimicrobial properties and use it to purify the air and eliminate unwanted odors.

How to Use?

  • Burn Mahishasura Sambrani generally on a charcoal disc in a special burner called a sambrani dhoop.
  • Light the charcoal disc and place it in the burner, then add a small amount of the incense on top.
  • As the incense burns, it fills the room with its fragrance and creates a positive and vibrant atmosphere.
  • This purifies the air and promotes a sense of calm and tranquility.
  • This sambrani calms the mind and relieves stress and tension.

Use Mahishashi sambrani commonly for religious and spiritual purposes and personal meditation and relaxation due to its strong earthly aroma. Believe it has a purifying effect on the mind and body and often use it to cleanse and sanctify the surrounding before important events or rituals.

Blend these ingredients with essential oils, such as camphor, to create a fragrant and aromatic incense.

Incense Sticks has always been at first position while offering prayers in pooja Experience the pure tradition at your home

Whether you are using them for meditation or spiritual purpose or just for relaxing, these will lift up your mood within a few seconds, and create an amazing atmosphere all around

A traditional practice popular in many families is that after a bath, a newborn is gradually moved back and forth over aromatic smoke coming from a sambrani or dhoop on a coal that is burnt in a clay pot on the floor. It is said that it not only keeps the insects away from the newborn, but also helps them keep cold and congestion at bay. This is mostly done until six months and after a hair bath. Taking to Instagram, Shalini Santhosh Kumar, founder of Early Foods, a premium organic food company for children and mothers, suggested that the traditional method also helps “fumigate our houses, leaving a beautiful fragrance every day

To know more about Mahishashi sambrani in tamil , watch this video

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Apart from the above mentioned uses there are many other uses and benefits of Mahishashi sambrani which can be felt while using.

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