Thoothuvalai powder
Thoothuvalai powder
Thoothuvalai powder

Thoothuvalai powder

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Thoothuvalai Powder

The need for the man for his luxurious life made him backed up with an elevated number of diseases. Nature has plenty of its resources for the wellness of human being. we will not suffer if we don’t disturb the natural food web. Nature still helps us if we impart them the place to survive!.

“Only a mother will give her best to her child despite her suffering.” Adding to the list of nature’s gift, medicinal plants is of prior concern. Thuthuvalai is a remarkable herb that helps the human, animal as well the environment. The botanical name of Thuthuvalai plant is Solanum Trilobatum. It is a thorny creeper found in the moist places predominantly in south America, brazil, Sri Lanka,south India. It has bluish white flower. It grows as a climbing under shrub.

Thuthuvalai is also called as Thoothuvalai Keerai in Tamil Nadu. It is called as Climbing Brinjal in English.

Is thuthuvalai good for cold and cough?

A traditional remedy that sincerely works to treat cold and cough, Thuthuvalai Legium is a medicine that includes 26 herbal ingredients known for their effectiveness in providing relief from cold and cough.

What are the benefits of thoothuvalai powder?

Thoothuvalai has multiple health benefits but it's ability to fight fever and common cold that make it a popular hack for many home remedies in Tamil Nadu and the rest of South India. It's also a popular ingredient to combat sinusitis and asthma ailments.

Thoothuvalai plant is known to cure various diseases like lung cancer,diabetes,diarrhea, cholera,asthma, tuberculosis,malaria, bronchitis,cold and cough as it has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, antioxidant, anti-tumor properties.

Thoothuvalai is widely used in the treatment of tuberculosis, bronchial asthma, difficulty in breathing, sinus, chest congestion and other respiratory problems. Thoothuvalai with its anti-inflammatory properties and anti-microbial activity helps asthma patients with a fresh breath of life.

Anti-inflammatory activity:

Inflammation which is conventionally out of control in large infections is also the basis for auxiliary infection. Repressing the inflammation is generally tedious process and accomplishing it cent percent is difficult. Soladosine extracted from roots of Thoothuvalai plant exhibits the anti-inflammatory characteristics. It up raises the inflammatory response by protein kinase C activation.

Anti-oxidant activity:

This characteristic is vital as most of the vigorous diseases induces oxidative stress resulting in cell death (as oxygen is trapped from the cell), finally in death. The reactive oxygen and reactive nitrogen species when to present beneath the level cause damage to nucleic acids, lipids, and proteins. When these damaged structure gets oxidized it provokes cancer, diabetes.Thuthuvalai plant acts as a scavenger in shielding the reactive species( superoxide and hydroxyl radicals) thwarting cell death. It also impedes cell lipid peroxidation.

How do you take thuthuvalai powder?

Take 1/2 tsp of thuthuvalai powder mixed with honey or hot water and drink. Pregnant women should never over consume thoothuvalai. Thoothuvalai Kashayam for cold, cough and body pain. Boil 1 tsp of Thoothuvalai powder in 100ml of water and let it reduce upto 50ml.

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Apart from the above mentioned uses there are many other uses and benefits of Thoothuvalai powder which can be felt while using. 

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