Vasambu | sweet flag | vasambu baby care stick

Vasambu | sweet flag | vasambu baby care stick

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Vasambu / sweet flag / vasambu baby care stick 

Vasambu is very good for many stomach related ailments like indigestion, bloating, flatulence, loose motion, acid gastritis. It helps to cure stomach ulcer and gastric problems. It regulates the production of stomach acid and aids for easy digestion. It eases hear burn and counter acidity problem.

What is Vasambu used for?

Sweetflag or Vacha (Vasambu) with the Latin name Acorus calamus is one of the most important herbs we use at Krya. It is a potent growth inhibitor of gram negative bacteria. It is an intestinal relaxant, is a hypotensive herb (relaxes blood pressure), is antispasmodic in action on seized muscles and organs.

Internal Benefits of Vasambu (Calamus/ Sweet Flag) :-

  • Vasambu helps to get rid of all gastric problems.

  • It stimulating aroma rejuvenates the brain and the nervous system.

  • It is also effective against digestive disorders.

  • Baby nutrition problems and baby sleep problems are the most common problems in newborns.

  • Remedy for acid re-flux, loose motion, hair removal, and flatulence. The other stomach problems like indigestion, stomach, loss of appetite can also be cured with the herb extracts.


External Benefits of Vasambu (Calamus / Sweet Flag):-

  • Vasambu for Bed bug and insects: Vasambu helps to protect our houses from various insects, bed bugs, cockroaches, mites. You can sprinkle vasambu powder under the bed and corners of cupboards. If you have kids in your home, better to tie it in a cloth tightly and place it.

  • Vasambu for dandruff lice and hair growth: Vasambu is a very good natural herb for dandruff and lice problem. Add vasambu powder with your shikakai powder and apply it on your hair

  • Vasambu for skin: Is used for skin infections, allergies and rashes. It is also used in making massage oil.

How to consume Vasambu (Calamus / Sweet Flag) Externally :–

  • Vasambu for pimples: Vasambu root powder with turmeric cure pimples and acne problems.

  • Vasambu for dandruff: This medicinal herb is used in treating dandruff problem in ayurveda.

  • Vasambu for making kajal | Vasambu Pottu: Burn vasambu till it turns to black color. Swipe it with water and make a paste like kajal consistency. You can apply it as a bindi on forehead, cheeks and feet. Some people apply this paste around baby’s navel to cure stomach problems.

 Vasambu for babies :-

  • Vasambu benefits for babies: If the baby is suffering from loose motions then the paste made with Acorus Calamus is mixed with honey and given to baby as a treatment.

  • Vasambu for newborn uses: Vasambu root beads (Pl check our “New Born Baby kit under Heritage Products) bangle is used for babies. When the infant smells the smell of the root the problems of indigestion and vomiting are get cured.

  • Vasambu for speech: Even the smell of vasambu helps babies to talk earlier and to get rid of speech problems.

  • Vasambu takes away evil eye from the baby and gives them good health . 

To know how to dissolve evil eye in tamil , watch this video 

To know more about the benefits of Vasambu in tamil watch this video 

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 Apart from the above mentioned uses there are many other uses and benefits of Vasambu / sweet flag / vasambu baby care stick  which can be felt while using. 


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