Arugampul / bermuda grass powder 100g
Arugampul / bermuda grass powder 100g
Arugampul / bermuda grass powder 100g

Arugampul / bermuda grass powder 100g

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Healing Health Benefits Of Arugampul/Bermuda Juice

  • Potent Alkalizer. Bermuda juice is highly praised for its potent alkaline property. 

  • Detoxifier. Bermuda juice is revered for its powerful detoxifying properties. 

  • Skin Health. 

  • Boosts Immunity. 

  • Regulates Blood Sugar. 

  • Potent Diuretic.

How do you use Arugampul powder?

Direction for use: Mix one spoon (5 g) of Arugampul powder in a glass of water, filter and drink preferably on empty stomach in the morning.

Can we drink Arugampul juice daily?

Consuming arugampul juice helps stabilize blood sugar level. It has potent hypoglycemic effects which help in managing diabetes-related disorders when taken with few neem leaves. To prevent blood sugar spikes and to stabilize blood glucose levels, consume arugampul juice regularly on an empty stomach.

How do you use Bermuda grass powder?

How to Consume Arukam Pul (Bermuda Grass) Internally

  1. Take a mixture of Arukam Pul and cow butter for 20-48 days that help to treat body heat and body weakness.

  2. Make grass juice and drink it daily morning in an empty stomach that will reduce your sugar level.

Will Arugampul reduce weight?

Regular consumption of arugampul juice assists in reducing obesity without any side effects. This juice purifies blood thereby reducing the fat and cholesterol from your body. Rich in vitamins and minerals, arugampul is well-known for its therapeutic properties, clinical values and health benefits

Healing Health Benefits Of Arugampul/Bermuda Juice

*Potent Alkalizer


*Skin Health

*Boosts Immunity

*Regulates Blood Sugar

*Potent Diuretic

*Dental Health

*Remedies Menstrual Problems

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Apart from the above mentioned uses there are many other uses and benefits of Arugumpul powder which can be felt while using. 

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