Om shakthi maalai 108 beads

Om shakthi maalai 108 beads

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Om shakthi maalai 108 beads 

Arulmigu Adhiparasakthi Siddhar Peetam is situated at Melmaruvathur, 92 km from Chennai (Formerly known as Madras) in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India. Tamil is the place where 21 Siddhars (saints) men as well as women from different religion, had their Jeeva-Samadhis (meaning, where the Siddhars left their human forms behind, while they are still alive as holy spirits). 

Here in Melmaruvathur Adiparashakti Siddhar Peetam, the divine mother Adhi para sakthi transmigrates into Arulthiru Bangaru Adigalar thereby promoting spirituality and devotion.

The Daily Routine

The people who serve in the Siddhar Peetam are normally the devotees clad in red dress. They come from outstations, render services and return home. To serve at the sanctum sanctorum, each one of the weekly worshipping centers (mandrams) is allotted a day and informed sufficiently early. Accordingly, all mandrams compete with one another in rendering the best service. Every day Abhishekam at the sanctum sanctorum takes place at 4:00 am. After this, idol of the Mother is decorated followed by aradhana. The Mother's blessed prasadam (proceeding of the prayer) is then offered to the devotees. Everyday around 11:00 AM free food is distributed to all visiting devotees. Besides, on the new moon and full moon days, Adigalaar is given a special welcome and the free food distribution is done on a large scale.

Special Features

  • With a view to show divine miracles, supernatural and spiritual powers and to talk to common man, the Adhi parasakthi had appeared in the form of Arul thiru, Bangaru Adigalar at Melmaruvathur.
  • Melmaruvathur is the adobe of 21 Siddhas who are said to be in Jeeva Samathi here.
  • All people irrespective of caste, creed, community or religion, can go inside sanctum sanctorum and worship the goddess.
  • Ladies also can go inside sanctorum for worshipping and perform pooja.
  • During Adipooram, Adigalar is doing Angaprathatchanam in the temple.
  • During 1st day of Navarathiri, Adigalar lights the holy Agandam.
  • For the welfare and betterment of the family and wipe out sins, lights are lit in the lime fruits at Nagapeetam.
  • To get rid of the karma earned up by the evil deeds in this birth itself one needs Amma's immense blessings. Such Souls are the ones who get a chance to wear Sakthi Maalai and carry Irumudi which is to be presented at the holy feets of Amma.

This SAKTHI MALAI is a Red Bead Garland that holds a locket portraying the Sanctum Sanctorum of Melmaruvathur and the Sri Chakra on its rear. This Sakthi Malai is a symbol of self control over senses and purity of thoughts. Wearing this Sakthi Malai And carrying the Irumudi and presenting it at the mother's feet deprives karma of one's present and previous births. There is an ancient saying "You Could worship almighty only if thee has blessed you to do so".

Similarly, not just wearing of Sakthi Malai will make one karma free. Beside wearing Sakthi Malai certain rules have to be followed as a outcome of which one could get rid of his karma. The IRUMUDI,this word could be explained as "twobags".

Omsakthi maalai | நினைத்தது நடக்க #ஓம்சக்தி மாலை பயன்படுத்தும் முறை omsakthi maalai benefits & uses

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Apart from the above mentioned uses there are many other uses and benefits of Om shakthi maalai 108 beads which can be felt while using.

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