Pink kumkum

Pink kumkum

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pink kumkum ரோஸ் நிற குங்குமம் 20 grams
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Pink Kumkum

Pink Kumkum is applied on the forehead, offered to deity idols and used during puja & religious ceremonies.

How is Kumkum Made?

With kumkum, do not be distracted by the color. Kumkum is made with turmeric and lime. That is, if it is properly made, such as the kumkum from Linga Bhairavi. Unfortunately, in many places, it is just chemical powder. 

Turmeric has phenomenal benefits. It is treated as auspicious in this culture because it has a certain quality that can be used for our wellbeing.

Why Do Women Wear Kumkum?

The important thing is that it is turmeric. Applying it has certain health and other benefits. Another thing is it is used as a symbolism in the society. If a woman is wearing kumkum, she is married – that means she is not approachable. 

This is just an indication, so that you do not have to tell everyone. In the western world, if someone is wearing a ring, you know they are married. Here, the symbolism was that if a woman is wearing toe rings and sindhoor, that means she is a married woman. She has other responsibilities. Socially, this is a way of organizing a situation where there is a clear marking, a social way of discerning who is who in the society.

After applying kumkum, the ability to attract the Shakti Principle is generated in the woman:

  • The ability of the kumkum to attract the saviour and destroyer Shakti Principle is the highest.

  • By a woman applying kumkum, the soul-energy (Atmashakti) is awakened in her.

  • In this soul-energy, a tremendous ability to attract the saviour or destroyer Devi Principle is generated.

  • The vibrations of the saviour Shakti Principle present in the woman are awakened.

  • Due to this, the Shakti Principle Pavitrakas in the environment, that is, the subtlest particles of the Shakti Principle are attracted to the woman.

  • Due to kumkum, obstacles are created in the entry of the negative energies in the body of the woman through the Adnya-chakra.

Spiritual reasons for using the ring finger to apply kumkum on oneself

  • As the ring finger is associated with the Absolute Water Principle, the frequencies of the Absolute Water Principle are emitted through the ring finger.

  • With the help of these frequencies, the Shakti Principle present in kumkum is awakened in a short time.

  • This awakened Shakti Principle spreads in the form of a flow in the Adnya-chakra of the woman who wears the kumkum.

Effects of applying kumkum on the forehead of a woman

  • The kumkum, being sattvik, attracts the Divine Principle. A spiral of this Divine Principle is generated in the kumkum and is activated.

  • A flow of Chaitanya is attracted in the kumkum and its spiral is generated and it remains activated. A spiral of Chaitanya is emitted from the kumkum. In the body of the woman wearing the kumkum, Chaitanya frequencies are spread. A sheath of Chaitanya is created around the body of the woman due to which her body and mind are purified.

  • The flows of Shakti are attracted in the kumkum. A spiral of destroyer Shakti filled with particles of Dharma Shakti is created in the kumkum and it becomes activated. A spiral of saviour Shakti is generated in the kumkum and it remains activated. Flows of Shakti are emitted by the kumkum. The Shakti particles are spread in the body of the woman who applies the kumkum. These particles are also emitted in the environment. A protective sheath of Shakti is generated around the body of the woman who wears kumkum. As a result the black energy in the body of the woman is removed.

To know more about the benefits of Pink kumkum in tamil watch this video 


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Apart from the above mentioned uses there are many other uses and benefits of Pink kumkum which can be felt while using. 

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