Poonaikali vithai powder
Poonaikali vithai powder
Poonaikali vithai powder

Poonaikali vithai powder

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100 grams
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It has long been used in traditional Ayurvedic Indian medicine in an attempt to treat diseases including Parkinson's disease It has been investigated in low income regions of the world as an alternative treatment for Parkinson's disease due to its high content of L-dopa.Mucuna prurien seeds have been recognized for their ability to significantly alleviate neurotoxocity induced by Parkinson's disease.poonaikali vithai powder or Velvet bean powder Poonaikali vithai powder benefits Increases libido. Increases sperm count in men and ovulation in women. Acts as a restorative nutrient for the nervous system. Increases blood circulation to the genitals. Decreases symptoms of stress and anxiety. Calms nerves. Reduces inflammation. Strengthens and tones the sexual glands. Increases stamina. Releases bound up testosterone, increasing the level of bio-available testosterone. Reduces fat and improves muscle tone. (By supporting healthy testosterone levels, Mucuna pruriens supports anabolic metabolism, increasing your tendency to burn fat and to build muscle.)

Dried leaves of M. pruriens are sometimes smoked

பூனைக்காலி பூவும் விதையும், வேரும் ஆண்மையைப் பெருக்கி, நரம்புகளை உரமாக்குகிறது. பூனைக்காலி விதையை நன்றாக உலர வைத்து சூரணம் செய்து  கொண்டு ஐநூறு மி.கிராம் ஆயிரம் மி.கிராம் அளவு வரை தினந்தோறும் காலை, மாலை இருவேளை பாலில் அருந்தி வர, மேக நோய்கள் நீங்குவதோடு  ஆண்மை பெருகும்.

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