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Thirunamam represents the 'Sacred name of God'. The phrase Namam also represents the white clay found at the deeper layer of earth, which is used as the powder to wear a flame shaped mark. The Ayyavazhi people wore this Namam, starting from the central point between the eyebrows, going straight up near the top edge of the forehead.

The flame shape represents Aanma Jyothi or Atman. Which in turn means that, Aatman is considered sacred and as the name of God. Zealous devotees smeared it on the exterior of the upper arms, over the chest and below the spinal cord area at the back.

This white mark was unlike the one worn by a Hindu of Vaishnavism tradition who wore it on the forehead in the shape of 'U', or of Saivism tradition who wore it horizontally as three parallel lines. This Thirunamam is also called as Tottu Namam and Thiruman.

Religious understanding

Child with Thirunamam smeared on the fore head

Unlike the social definition for this ritual practice, the religious or ritual importance for Thirunamam fits to all period of time. Sociologically, while this practice is a basic need, to reform a society (19th century Travancore), religiously the same is performed just with a religious belief. The religious definition for the practice 'Tottu Namam' is as The Name of God. The Atman is assumed to be in a flame shape and it as the name of God. That is, the Atman is God and the supreme self.

It was religiously taught that, one who pay extreme belief over Vaikundar will be turned of to the name of God (Atman). And hence the 'purified jeeva' is an Absolute Atman or God. Also the Thirunamam is smeared between the 'central point of the eyebrows' where the Ajna Chakra is situated. 

This chakra is viewed in relation to the Kali Yuga of the 'Eight yuga circle' as per Ayyavazhi scriptures. Since the present yuga is the Kali, the 'Thiru Namam' or the name of God is to be smeared there in Ajna (place of Kali) for purifying the Jeevas from Kali in order to attain the sacred feet of God. (i.e.)Wearing the gods name purifies the jeevas and transform them to the absolute self.

To know more about the types of purattasi namam in tamil , watch this video

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