Vetiver powder 100 grams வெட்டிவேர்
Vetiver powder 100 grams வெட்டிவேர்
Vetiver powder 100 grams வெட்டிவேர்

Vetiver powder 100 grams வெட்டிவேர்

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Vetiver Powder 

Vetiver is a tall perennial grass with aromatic compounds; it is indigenous to India's southern part. The grass flourishes well even in scorching heat and has been estimated divine for centuries together.

Top 5 Benefits of Vetiver for Your Skin

1. Moisturizes And Hydrates The Skin

A well hydrated skin is the key to prevent the formation of a dry or flaky skin tone. Vetiver also modulates the sebum production, hence keeping the skin's oil content balanced as per your skin type. It reveals a natural glow and promotes healthy skin.


2. Balances Skin's PH And Evens Skin Tone

Vetiver is also credited to even out discolored and rough skin. It reduces the appearance of any marks or scars caused by acne, zits, pimples, thereby promoting spotless clear skin. It provides overall nourishment to the skin cells and accentuates the skin's regeneration process. It can even boost the growth of new tissue. 


3. Tightens Skin Pore And Reduces Oiliness

Vetiver is considered to be a natural astringent known to tone the skin credibly. It tightens and cleanses the pores and reduces the onset of blackhead or whitehead formation. It can diminish the cell gaps after cleansing, thereby reducing the penetration of impurities. 

4. Reduces Skin Inflammation

It even limits the acne outbreaks considerably along with simultaneously healing the skin. Unlike other products, Vetiver is gentle on the skin and is recognized as an exclusive option, especially for sensitive skin.

5. Helps Delay The Signs Of Aging

Vetiver is power-packed with antioxidants. Therefore, it can effectively cleanse the system and eliminate toxins and other free radicals that are the usual cause for unfavorable aging signs like fine lines, pigmentation, discolored skin tone, etc. It even secures the skin from environmental aggressors and harmful chemicals. 

What do you use vetiver powder for?

Vetiver is sometimes applied directly to the skin for relieving stress, as well as for emotional traumas and shock, lice, and repelling insects. It is also used for arthritis, stings, and burns. Vetiver is sometimes inhaled as aromatherapy for nervousness, insomnia, and joint and muscle pain

Can we drink vetiver water daily?

Not only is vetiver root water extremely cooling to the system, bringing down body heat, it is also a great natural antioxidant and alkaliser . Besides reducing inflammation in and soothing the body, it also soothes you mentally, calming the mind and balancing out negative emotions

Is vetiver powder good for skin?

Vetiver, a cicatrizant agent, speeds up skin cell regeneration and promotes the growth of new tissue in the affected area. This helps eliminate the appearance of marks—from acne, pox, and burn marks to scars, stretch marks, and fat cracks—leading to clear, spotless skin.

How do you use vetiver powder on your face?

In face pack: Vetiver has cooling properties, which will work like a magic on your skin, making it soft, supple and clear. Take two tablespoons of sandalwood powder and mix it with vetiver water.Apply it all over your face and neck .Leave it for a few minutes and wash it off

Is vetiver good for hair growth?

Blessed with anti-microbial properties, this oil improves blood circulation in the hair follicles, prevents various hair infections and also takes part in collagen formation. It is extremely useful for rejuvenating dull, lifeless hair. Regular use of the oil improves hair texture, adds shine and stimulates hair growth.

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Apart from the above mentioned uses there are many other uses and benefits of Vetiver powder which can be felt while using. 

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