Horse shoe Magnet - Kuthirai laadam
Horse shoe Magnet - Kuthirai laadam
Horse shoe Magnet - Kuthirai laadam

Horse shoe Magnet - Kuthirai laadam

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1 Piece of USED Horse shoe magnet (Energised)
Width - 12 cm (approx)
height 10 cm (approx)

The above size may vary based on the horse age and structure

  • Lucky Charm
  • Prevents evil spirits
  • Protection for the home
  • Attracts positivity
  • Used horse shoe magnet enhance health and wealth
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Brief uses of Horse shoe magnet (used)
  1. The horseshoe is considered very lucky and used to be hung in many homes to protect and attract good fortune for the family residing inside.
  2. But contradictions galore in this area too, for ex; many believe that to hang it with the ends pointing upwards is good luck as it acts as a storage container of sorts for any good luck that happens to be floating by, whereas to hang it with the ends pointing down, is bad luck as all the good luck will fall out.
  3. If the lucky horseshoe is hung over a doorway, ends up, it will catch good luck and ends down will let the good luck spill over the door andstop evil from entering.
  4. Horseshoes were also considered lucky because they were made by blacksmiths, which is also considered a very lucky trade. Because they worked with elemental fire and magical iron, they were thought to have special powers.
  5. If you put the Lucky energized and charged Horse shoe in a ā€œUā€ shape at the top of your main door frame, you will be safe from your black magic, evil eye and especially from Shani drishti.
  6. During the Middle Ages, people believed that witches and evil spirits were afraid of horses and horseshoes, primarily due to the fact that horseshoes were made of iron and could resist flames. In fact, people placed so much emphasis on the spiritual meaning of the horseshoe that the coffins of suspected witches had horseshoes nailed to the lids prior to burial to prevent the witches from coming back to life.

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